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Step 1

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

I fight on behalf of my buyers best interests. I have a close knit group of individuals at local banking institutions, title companies, and home inspectors and together we have turned unpleasant complications into positive outcomes for my buyers. Not every buyer situation is the same and due to the changes in financial institution regulations we know that certain homes will need a more watchful eye to keep the deal intact.

In most businesses, knowledge equals power, and real estate is certainly no exception.

What is an agent?

What does an agent do?

How to find the perfect agent?


Step 2

Mortgages & Financing

Many property owners won’t allow showings for prospective buyers who haven’t been pre-qualified. Getting pre-qualified is fast, and it gives you a true picture of what you can afford. I will assist you with finding a lender that is best suited for your needs. With your pre-qualification in hand, you’re ready to start looking at property.


  • Federal Housing Administration Financing (FHA)

The Federal Housing Administration Financing (FHA) requires as little as 3% of the purchase
price as a down payment. FHA financing is probably one of the best way for average buyers to get into a home with the least amount of cash.

  • Conventional Financing

Conventional financing, if you’re able to make a 20% down payment you will not have to pay
an additional mortgage insurance premium (MIP). MIP protects the lender if you default on the loan.

  • Rural Development (RD)

If you are not in Bozeman’s city limits you may not have to have a down payment at all.

Check out the HRDC’S First Time Home Buyer Class, and The Making Home Affordable Program.

Step 3

Finding a Property

I give you more ways to search property than many other Realtors in the Bozeman real estate market. Using your property criteria, I will configure automatic new listing updates by email. My systems will search the entire MLS and instantly notify you of new listings.  You can also create additional queries and save properties of interest using my website.

Things to consider are; location, type of construction, sq footage, lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, special use rooms, garage/shop, the time frame you need to purchase in, budget, mortgage, pets, and if your home will fit future needs.


Step 4

Making an Offer

I will guide you through making an aggressive offer. I will evaluate items like cost, condition, updates,  and other aspects of the property. I will prepare an “Buy-Sell” agreement to purchase the home and submit it to the seller’s agent for his/her review.

Step 5


Expect to receive a counter offer on the property. With an aggressively placed offer, the seller will often counter back at their best price as well.  On occasion two, or three counters are exchanged before an offer is accepted.

Once acceptance of the offer is received, the contract will be taken to the pre-selected title company of the sellers choice to open up escrow on the property.  The contract will presented to the lender for the buyer to begin the final work up of the loan and make necessary closing preparations.

Step 6

The Home Inspection

A home inspector’s report will review the condition of the home’s heating system, central air conditioning system, interior plumbing, electrical systems, the roof, attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, foundation, basement, and visible structure. Many inspectors also offer additional services not included in a typical home inspection, such as mold, radon testing, or water testing. I will assist you in remedying any issues or problems identified during the home inspection.

Step 7

Settlement / Closing

The title company will act as a disinterested third party to the transaction and will prepare all of the deed and finalized loan documentation for the buyers and sellers.  Once all documents have been received by the title company, the buyer and seller can schedule a closing appointment.

Closing appointments will take around an hour depending on the transaction. Once the closing is completed, the lender will wire the funds to the title company to complete the purchase.   The home has now transferred ownership from seller to buyer.

Step 8

Moving In

Now it’s time for the big move! I can assist you with picking your moving company and making sure your utilities are connected when you arrive.