Backcountry Skiing Goose Creek Meadows in Bozeman, MT

During the winter season, Goose Creek provides a quick fix for backcountry skiing enthusiasts. It's easily accessible being approximately 20 minutes from downtown Bozeman (off of Trail Creek Road), although Goose Creek Road is not plowed regularly so 4-WD is HIGHLY recommended. But then again, with winter in Montana, a four-wheel drive is never a bad idea. 

The hike up is pretty forgiving, following a forest road most of the way, and this area is well-traveled during the winter. The distance to the summit is 1.7 miles give or take. My girl and I can make it up in 90 minutes and we're not exactly greased lightning when we tour (but that lies on me), so a motivated individual could probably be up,…

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Day Hikes At Hyalite Reservoir

The Hyalite Lake Trail (not to be confused with Hyalite Reservoir) is a Bozeman classic. Folks throw around the words "stunning" and "breathtaking" quite a bit, but about the scenery along this hike, they would not be overstatements.

Many hikes are all about the destination, but this hike follows Hyalite Creek, passing eleven spectacular waterfalls along the way. The waterfalls are memorable and each has its unique personality. Each waterfall is signed along the way, so you don't have to worry about missing one. I recommend the Day Hikes Around Bozeman guidebook. It's the hiking bible for this area. It features directions to the trailhead and detailed descriptions of various hikes in the area, including Hyalite…

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