South Cottonwood Creek Trail

South Cottonwood Creek Trail ranks number one on my favorite list. The fact that it's fairly close to my house helps (if you're heading west, turn left at the intersection of Cottonwood Rd. and Huffine Ln., travel approximately 7.5 miles to Cottonwood Canyon Rd., which is a dirt road, and follow Cottonwood Canyon Rd. to its termination point and the trailhead will be on your right). The trail parallels South Cottonwood Creek for most of its duration, and rather than being an all-up and then all-down type of trail, South Cotton follows rolling terrain right up to the southwestern flank of Mt. Blackmore (approx. 11 miles from the trailhead). This makes it ideal for more mellow hiking or a trail run where you can open up the…

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Cafe Zydeco

Being of Southern origin, I truly appreciated my first taste of Cafe Zydeco. Its location is a little off the beaten path (2711 West College St.), but believe me, it's worth the extra mile. It's located in a very quaint old building, and the interior is just as inviting and cozy. If you hadn't guessed from the name, it's a Cajun joint. They feature various Po' Boy sandwiches, Jambalaya, Red Beans and Rice, and Gumbos to name a few. They also carry such classics as tacos, pitas, gyros, etc. all with a Cajun spin. The fried catfish Po' Boy is my current choice. There's also a cool little wine bar you can belly up to. If you're in the mood for something a little different, give Cafe Zydeco a try. Their slogan is "Git' Some South in Your…

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Downtown Bozeman: Shopping, Dining, Entertainment

Downtown Bozeman is chock full of cool shops, restaurants, coffee houses, boutiques, candy stores, sporting goods, whiskey bars, art galleries, and the list goes on. It’s a great place to take a stroll, catch up with friends and neighbors, and peruse the offerings up and down Main Street. 

You can try the Baxter Hotel for a start, it’s home to Ted’s Montana Grill (great bison steaks) the Bacchus Pub (locals' spot with live entertainment and delicious bar fare), and Chatelaine Chocolat Co. (a boutique chocolate shop with some intriguing flavors). From there head east, shop and window shop to your heart's content.

One of the great things about downtown is the plethora of Downtown Bozeman Real Estate…

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What Bozeman Subdivision Should I Live In?

Deciding what Bozeman Subdivision to live in is just as important as deciding what home you should live in.  How many people want to go hiking, biking, or have access to a Bozeman playground right out their back door?  Do you?  Do you care if your home is in a Bozeman subdivision near downtown Bozeman?  Do you want to live near MSU so you can walk home from their football games?  Here are some helpful tips for deciding what subdivision you want to live in Bozeman.



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Lyrid Meteor Showers in Bozeman, Montana

Just a heads up for all you night owls, early birds, astronomy buffs, romantics, etc., the Lyrid meteor shower is happening this month. It occurs annually from April 16 to April 25, but the experts predict that it will peak on the 22 or 23 (leaning toward the 23). The time to watch is the dark hours before dawn. Expect to see approximately 20 meteors per hour, but on rare occasions, as many as 100 per hour have been spotted, although that type of activity is not expected for 2015.

So grab your thermos, lawn chair, blanket/sleeping bag, and your favorite sweetheart; find a patch of open sky far from the city lights and prepare to watch Mother Nature put on a show. Awesome stuff indeed.

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Kirk Hill Hiking Trails in Bozeman, Montana

One of the fun things about this trail is the fact that you can customize your run with several different loops to choose from. It’s also a fun run with tons of little switchbacks (which are a blast when trotting downhill), and additions ranging from boardwalks, fences, benches, overlooks, and also some interpretive opportunities. The trail is pretty steep if you run clockwise to the far left of the loop. Not too bad if you run it counterclockwise keeping to the perimeter. It has some nice flat sections to stretch your legs out on as well. Overall, a super nice trail for running/hiking. Biking is not allowed and dogs are required to be leashed.

The Kirk Hill trails are located on S 19th right as it hooks…

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New Construction Home Buying

If owning your own Bozeman home is the American dream, then building that Bozeman home from scratch, choosing a new construction home plan, picking your own finishes, not purchasing someone else's history, watching a hole in the ground transform into your Bozeman new construction dream home, is the premium version of that dream.

The little bit of information provided here is meant to assist you as to what a few of your expectations of a Bozeman home builder should be during the construction of your new home.

  • First off, and most obviously, your Bozeman home builder should know his product. He should have the answers to your questions, as well as, providing design input for the construction of your new home. He will…

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