Bozeman's Best Outdoor Patio Restaurants and Breweries

As the warm days of summer linger, there's no better way to enjoy the remaining summer breeze than by indulging in Bozeman's vibrant outdoor dining scene. From cozy neighborhood pubs to bustling breweries, Bozeman offers an array of outdoor patios and seating options that allow you to savor both delectable dishes and breathtaking views. Let's explore some of the best outdoor dining spots where you can bask in the beauty of Montana while treating your taste buds to culinary delights.

1. Ponderosa Social Club: Where Entertainment Meets Delicious Dining
Start your outdoor dining adventure at Ponderosa Social Club, a haven for those seeking a memorable experience. Situated on Aspen Street, this…

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Big Sky Ski-In Ski-Out Homes

Big Sky Ski In-Out Homes

Warren was definitely right, but there's a reason he also called Big Sky home. Are you tired of dealing with traffic on powder days? Skip the car completely and hit the slopes directly from your front door! If you've been looking for the perfect ski-in/ski-out home in Big Sky, we've got you covered. Check out the best options currently on the market below! 

Embrace Ultimate Convenience and Luxury: Ski-in, Ski-out Homes in Big Sky, MT

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the epitome of mountain living? Look no further than the ski-in, ski-out houses and condos in the picturesque Big Sky, Montana. Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Big Sky isn't just a destination; it's a lifestyle that offers a plethora…

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Investing in a luxury log cabin home in Montana is truly a dream come true. Imagine waking up to the breathtaking beauty of Montana's majestic mountains and serene lakes, surrounded by abundant wildlife. With a log cabin, you can fully immerse yourself in this picturesque environment and indulge in exciting outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and skiing. Montana's peacefulness and tranquility offer a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The combination of rustic charm and modern amenities in these luxury cabins ensures a cozy and comfortable retreat. Not to mention, Montana's favorable tax climate and potential for property value appreciation make it a wise investment for the long run.

What to Know When Buying a Log Home

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Value-Boosting Home Design Trends for Fall

The change of the seasons is always a great time to update your home’s aesthetic—and by incorporating a few current trends, you can actually increase your home’s sale price if you’re in the market.

How does good interior design boost your home value?

While increasing the value of your home may not be the initial reason you decide to redecorate, great design does often increase the perceived value of a home.

What’s perceived value? It’s the subjective value that a buyer places on a property, and it can be boosted by things like staging, good landscaping, and well-thought-out design. According to Country Living, a simple redecoration can increase your home’s value by up to…

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Housing Inflation Is Slowing. What’s Next for Mortgage Rates?

With inflation and the housing market dominating economic headlines, it’s important to understand how they go hand-in-hand. When the rate of inflation is too high, the Federal Reserve takes action by raising the key interest rate. As a result, borrowing money becomes more expensive—and interest rates on things like car loans, credit cards, and mortgages go up. This does usually have the effect of driving inflation down, but it can also impact different markets, industries, and even the entire economy.

Right now, the Fed is hoping to direct the U.S. to a “soft landing,” in which inflation and growth slow, but the economy as a whole avoids a recession.…

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We love supporting locals, so we compiled a list of local coffee shops in Bozeman for you to explore!

Wild Joe's Coffee Spot

Wild Joes Coffee

Exploring Wild Joe's: A Step Back in Time

When you step into Wild Joe's, you're instantly transported to the golden age of classic coffee houses. The indelible influence of the Beatnik cafes that once graced the streets of New York's Greenwich Village and San Francisco's North Beach permeates every corner of this establishment. It's a haven where the worlds of literature, personal connections, melodious tunes, communal tables reminiscent of family gatherings, and impassioned political discussions seamlessly converge.

Nestled within the storied Lovelace Building, with a history spanning over a century, Wild Joe's…

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What Would a Recession Mean for Real Estate in 2023?

Many fear a recession in 2023—but is one inevitable? Let’s break it down. But first...

Here is your monthly Bozeman, Montana real estate market report!

We want to help you make informed decisions as home buyers or sellers. I and my team want to showcase the insights we see in the market and take the guesswork out of selling your home & buying your dream home! We pride ourselves on being the Best Bozeman Realtors. We are your expert, trusted source for the latest updates on the Bozeman, Montana real estate market, and economic developments. 


August Market Report

Overall, the Bozeman real estate market is chugging along, offering exciting…

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Mid-Year Home Price Predictions from the Experts

Last week, the Fed announced that it would lift its pause on interest rate hikes, raising rates by 25 basis points (0.25%). The current rate is the highest it’s been since March 2001. This move is a further attempt at directing the economy toward a “soft landing,” or a gradual slowdown that curbs inflation while avoiding a full-blown recession. 

Because homebuyer activity is tied to mortgage rates, this development could have a significant impact on the housing market in the United States. Buyers are still struggling with affordability, which drives demand down. That means home prices should come down too, right? Not quite—and the reason is low…

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