2023 Home Staging Trends: How to Make Your Home Appeal to Buyers

Luxury Home Staging

Staging is paramount when selling luxury homes. Tamara Williams Real Estate can connect you with top-notch staging professionals who understand how to enhance your property's appeal. Whether it's showcasing the grandeur of a mountain retreat or the elegance of a downtown penthouse, staging can make all the difference.

Bozeman, Montana's luxury real estate market is thriving, and Tamara Williams is the expert you need by your side. Whether you're buying, selling, or staging a luxury home, Tamara's experience, local knowledge, and dedication will ensure your success in the Bozeman luxury real estate market.

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What is home staging?

Home staging is the process of preparing your property for visits from home shoppers. It “sets the stage” for potential buyers to visualize your home as their own, helping them connect with it emotionally so they’re more likely to fall in love and make an offer.

A major goal of staging is to highlight the positive aspects of your home while minimizing any negatives, in addition to creating a compelling aesthetic for stunning photos. Impactful photographs are especially important these days, as 99% of buyers between the ages of 23 and 56 house hunt online, and 95% of all buyers do so (Statista)—so the listing photos are your best chance to make a great first impression. Staging your home ensures that your photos don’t present it as drab and empty, but instead as well-designed, modern, and desirable.

The idea of staging is to present your home as a beautiful, move-in-ready property that a buyer starts enjoying immediately after purchase. It involves cleaning, decluttering, painting, furnishing, and redecorating. The cost varies widely based on the square footage of your home, the number of rooms you want to stage, the quality of the staging items, and the services you decide to hire—but it’s worth it. Here’s why.

Home staging in 2023

Remember that the goal is to present a gorgeous, modernized version of your home to buyers—so outdated decor in your staging is a no-go. What are the top staging tips for 2023? Check them out.

Go all-in on color.

After years of cool grays and austere whites, color is back for 2023—and you have options. Try deep, earthy tones for a rich, grounded experience. Opt for warm neutrals and soft blues to build a sense of comfort and security. Or range into bold tones like sunflower yellow or Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, to energize and encourage empowerment and creativity.

You can use your favorite colors in traditional ways by incorporating them into decor items or painting the walls—or branch out. Try colored cabinets or appliances, paint the inside of your bookshelves, or if you’re feeling really bold, try a painted ceiling.

Whatever you choose, it’s time to walk away from all-white walls and decor and create a space that’s vibrant and full of life. Homes have personality, and staging is the moment to express that.

Get curvy.

Following cold whites and grays out the door are the harsh angles of the 20-teens. Severe straight lines are no longer the way to create timeless appeal.

Instead, professional stager Krisztina Bell suggests leaning into “Comfortcore” with round shapes, soft edges, and curvy contours. This not only puts your home on the aesthetic forefront; it also creates a super comfortable and inviting space for potential buyers to fall in love with your home.

How do you do it? First, if you have it, play up the curvy architecture in your house. If you have an arched entryway, rounded fireplace, or circular window make it a focal point. 

No arches to be found? No problem. You can successfully utilize this interior design trend with soft and curvy seating, cornerless tables, round rugs, and organically shaped accessories.

Return to nature.

In the years following the height of the pandemic, we’ve collectively grown more connected to the natural world. This phenomenon has shown itself in our increased investment in outdoor spaces at home—and also appears in increasingly popular interior design trends. These include the expanded use of natural and rustic materials, including stone and wood finishes and living plants, as well as aesthetic design choices. These range from literal natural motifs like leaves and flowers to the abstract in lush and earthy paint hues and the organic shapes of furniture. 

When you stage your home, you can incorporate this ultra-modern trend by integrating live plants, organic shapes, and natural materials into your home design. The result will leave buyers ready to pounce with an offer the first chance they get.

Going virtual.

Virtual staging is a new hot trend! We know because we have done it!

Why deal with the heavy furniture haul when you can have cutting-edge technologies stage your listing effortlessly? At Tamara Williams and Company, we pride ourselves on our innovative touch. We deliver the best service to you through our extensive knowledge base, including knowledge of all the new tech to achieve your real estate goals.

Your Luxury Real Estate Expert

Bozeman, Montana, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, offers more than just breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures. It's also a prime destination for luxury real estate, attracting discerning buyers and sellers seeking the pinnacle of upscale living. As Bozeman's luxury real estate expert, Tamara Williams and her team are here to guide you through every aspect of the luxury market.

Buying Luxury Homes in Bozeman

Bozeman's luxury real estate market is a unique blend of modern sophistication and rustic charm. To make the most of your luxury home purchase, consider these key points:

  1. Location Matters: From the historic downtown area to sprawling ranch estates, Bozeman offers a diverse range of luxury properties. Tamara Williams and her team have unparalleled knowledge of the local market, helping you find the perfect location to suit your lifestyle.

  2. Amenities and Features: Luxury homes in Bozeman often feature amenities like private vineyards, equestrian facilities, and custom-built chef's kitchens. Define your must-have features, and Tamara can help you find the ideal property.

  3. Local Expertise: With years of experience, Tamara knows the local luxury market intimately. She can provide insights into market trends, pricing, and negotiation strategies that will ensure you make a smart investment.

Selling Your Luxury Home

When it's time to sell your luxury property in Bozeman, you need a tailored approach to attract high-net-worth buyers. Here's how Tamara Williams and her team can help:

  1. Strategic Marketing: Tamara employs cutting-edge marketing techniques to showcase your luxury home to the right audience. From professional photography to virtual tours, your property will shine.

  2. Pricing Expertise: Accurately pricing luxury properties is a fine art. Tamara's knowledge of Bozeman's luxury market ensures your home is competitively priced while maximizing your return.

  3. Negotiation Mastery: Tamara's negotiation skills are second to none. She'll work tirelessly to secure the best deal for you, while always maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

Ready to list your home?

Whether you’re ready to list your home right now or you need help preparing, get in touch. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the best that Bozeman has to offer.

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