This is the question of the century. And to make matters worse, this question branches off into a million other questions.

Do you stay in Bozeman? Do you leave? Where do you go if you do leave? What kind of job do you want? How much can you expect to get paid? What kind of work benefits (i.e. health insurance) will you receive? Are your parents going to boot you off of their health insurance soon? When can you afford a new car? Can you afford a higher car insurance premium? Can you get a dog? Do you want to live in an apartment building? Do you want a yard for your new dog? If you weren’t overwhelmed before, I’m sure you are now!

These are the questions we ask ourselves (or should ask ourselves) once when we enter “adulthood”.

Unfortunately, you are going to have to ask your parents about the insurance conundrum. However, I can give you my two sense about being an MSU graduate and not knowing whether to buy or to rent.

On average, students and new college grads spend about $500+ on rent per month in Bozeman. That monthly rent usually doesn’t include water, sewer, electricity, internet, cable, etc. Despite what your income is, this means you are spending $6,000+/- a year on rent. On top of that, you have a year-long lease that cannot be broken, given $500 to your landlord that is sitting in an account ready to use as insurance money in case the dog you aren’t supposed to have rips up the carpet, you can’t have a grill on the back deck, you can’t mount your 72” TV on the wall, etc. Hearing all of these CANNOTS should liberate you! This was all well and fine when you were a sophomore in college.

But what if you had total freedom to turn those CANNOTS into CAN and more in your own home? When you are about to “adult,” maybe you start to realize that you can bear more responsibilities. Maybe you start to think that owning a home would be fun! Now how do you get started......

If you are interested in finding out more about the home buying process and how to finance for a home (or how to qualify for a loan), contact Cornerstone Home Lending, Shannon Foley at (406) 551-4016.

For other questions concerning purchasing a home in the Bozeman and Belgrade areas, contact Tamara Williams (Real Estate Agent / Broker) at (406) 223-6823.

Written by Halle D.
Future MSU 2017 graduate  
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