Downtown Bozeman is a vibrant and popular area in Bozeman, Montana, and is known for its historic buildings, local shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. As a result, real estate in this area is highly sought after by both residents and investors alike.

The types of properties available in downtown Bozeman include everything from historic homes and apartments to modern condos and commercial buildings. The prices of these properties can vary widely depending on their location, size, and condition.

Real estate in downtown Bozeman tends to move quickly due to the high demand, so it's important for buyers to work with a knowledgeable real estate agent who can help them stay on top of new listings and market trends. It's also important to be prepared to act quickly when a desirable property becomes available.

Overall, real estate in downtown Bozeman offers a unique and exciting opportunity for buyers who are looking for a vibrant and dynamic community in the heart of Montana.

Father's Day Activities in Bozeman

Activities with dad on Father's Day can create lasting memories and strengthen your bond in a special way that a gift might not be able to do. It's about spending quality time together and sharing experiences that you both will cherish for a lifetime. Plus, it's a chance to show your appreciation and love through actions rather than just material things.

Quality time is so important, especially with family, because it allows for meaningful connections and deeper relationships to form. When we spend quality time with our loved ones, we can create memories, strengthen bonds, and show them that they are valued, loved, and appreciated. It's not just about being physically present but also being emotionally engaged and…

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Our Client's Exclusive Discount Marketplace

At Tamara Williams and Company, we're not just about finding homes; we're about enhancing the entire Bozeman living experience. That's why we've crafted an Exclusive Discount Marketplace – a carefully curated collection of exclusive deals and discounts from local businesses and beyond that cater to every facet of your life.

As a fellow local business, we found ourselves longing to be cheerleaders for other small businesses in town. We finally decided it was time to create a hub where our clients can be immersed in savings, savings that hype up the local heart of Bozeman. For clients of ours who have relocated to Bozeman, it is a great way to support the Bozeman community. Local businesses all across town…

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New Year's Events in Bozeman, Montana

As the year draws to a close, Bozeman, Montana is gearing up for a spectacular array of New Year's events to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the dawn of 2024. From family-friendly gatherings to high-energy dance parties, the city has something for everyone. Let's take a look at the exciting events lined up for the coming days.

New Year's Eve Bash at Montana Ale Works

Date: December 30, 2023

Time: Sat, 5 PM

Location: Montana Ale Works, 611 E Main St, Bozeman, MT

Raise a glass to new beginnings at the New Year's Eve Bash hosted by Montana Ale Works.

New Year's Eve Disco Rodeo at Kimpton Armory Hotel

Date: December 30 & 31, 2023

Time: Dec 30 & 31, 2023, 9 PM – Jan 1, 2024, 1 AM

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Don't miss out on the best events, picturesque destinations, and insightful tips to make this winter your best one yet!

Unlock the secrets to the wonderful winter season with our exclusive guide magazine below!


Winter Guide Bozeman

Let's Connect!

A Glimpse of Seasonal Activities in Our Montana Winter Guide:

Montana is renowned for its wealth of outdoor activities, and the winter season is no exception. Are you curious about what Montanans love to do when the snow blankets the landscape? Read on to discover a winter wonderland filled with outdoor adventures and cozy indoor pursuits!

Outdoor Activities:

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Image sourced from: Visit Bozeman

Holiday Shopping in Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman isn't just a location; it's a testament to the strength and resilience of small businesses. By choosing to shop local, you're not just finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones; you're supporting the soul of Bozeman. Thank you for celebrating and supporting our local spirit.

Below we have a list of our Tamara Williams & Company top picks for local holiday shopping! 


Located inside Ferguson Farm - the chic person in your life will be oh so thankful! Salchicha carries minimalistic styles - all eco-conscious and extremely stylish! 

Revolvr Menswear 

The man in your life whether it's Dad, your brother, or your significant other - Revolvr has so…

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Christmas Light Displays in Bozeman

Looking for the BEST Christmas lights and Holiday displays around Bozeman?

Look no further! We can't guarantee that each of the following locations will light up the night this year, but in years past these locations typically provide some incredible Christmas cheer.

Here is a list of locations that may offer sensational decorations and jaw-dropping displays. 

  • Downtown Bozeman
  • Emerson Cultural Center
  • Montana Hall 
  • 15 S Western Ave
  • 902 W Babcock Street
  • 8670 Fowler Lane, Bozeman
  • 313 Powder River Avenue, Bozeman
  • 333 N Ferguson 
  • 4486 Shadow Glen Drive, Bozeman
  • Keystone Drive, Belgrade
  • 527 Red Bard Drive, Belgrade
  • Belgrade Senior Center
  • 78 Woodman, Belgrade
  • 115 N Hoffman…

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CAN THE GRIZ 2023, Bozeman, Montana

Final Result: We brought in 1,609 pounds of canned goods!

2023 marks the 24th year of the Can the Griz Food Drive. This food drive is a friendly, off-field competition between Montana State University and the University of Montana to see which school can collect the most donations for their local food bank. The competition began Saturday, November 4, and ended Saturday, November 18. Can the Griz proceeds go to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. The Bobcats have successfully canned the Griz for 19 of 23 years!

Can The Griz Image

How To Donate + Enter to Win Our Can The Griz Giveaway!

Those who donated 5 or more canned goods for Can the Griz were Entered to Win Our $300 Local Vendor Gift Basket Giveaway!

The gift basket…

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Best Fall Activities in Bozeman, Montana

FALL FESTIVALS AND EVENTS | Thanksgiving Activities

Bozeman is home to a variety of fall festivals and events that celebrate the season. Here are a few highlights from our full Fall Guide:

1. Huffing For Stuffing Race: 

"Huffing For Stuffing combines community spirit with a lively race atmosphere to improve the lives of many of our community members. Since our inception in 2007, Huffing For Stuffing has provided over half a million dollars in funding to HRDC's Gallatin Valley Food Bank! The race is held each Thanksgiving morning at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana. All abilities are welcome. We want you to be a part of Gallatin Valley’s favorite Thanksgiving holiday tradition!…

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Best Trick-or-Treating in Bozeman, Montana

Not sure where to go this spooky holiday? We have compiled a list of the perfect Bozeman Trick-or-Treating spots! 


Downtown Trick-or-Treating

Let the kids enjoy safe trick-or-treating at over 150 businesses downtown.  This free, fun, and safe event with helpers at the crosswalks.  Get the kids dressed up in their costumes and head to downtown Bozeman!


Enjoy a trick-or-treating event at the Gallatin Valley Mall!

Middle Creek Parklands

- Good option for Gallatin Gateway or Norris Road
- Family-friendly 
- A lot of houses 


- Well-maintained sidewalks 
- Friendly neighbors
- Great decorations 
- Full-sized…

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Discover Spooky And Spectacular Halloween Events in Bozeman, Montana!

Are you having a tricky treat time keeping track of all the fun events coming up in Bozeman for Halloween? Searching for the best places to take the kiddos trick or treating? Trying to plan out the perfect Halloween week with friends and family? This time of year is busy with opportunities for spooky fun! We decided that placing them all in one convenient location may be useful, then you can stop scrolling and get back to some pumpkin carving! Read our list of Bozeman Fall Events below:


Saturday, October 21st, 12-2 pm

Kids 12 and under at all Kenyon Noble locations


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