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  • Horse Property Wanted under $700,000
  • Size: 5 + acres
  • Areas: Bozeman, Manhattan, Three Forks, Gallatin Gateway, Belgrade
  • Bozeman school district is a must
  • 3+ beds
  • 3+ baths
  • 4+ horses allowed at the property

If you know of someone selling this type of property, please give me a call at (406) 223-6823 or email me at 

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1. Less Exposure to Prospective Buyers 
While we may all agree that the majority buyers will scour the internet to find their next home, it does not equate that if you throw your property on or it will sell. Real Estate Agents have advertising dollars to spend on numerous marketing platforms that will syndicate your property to hundreds of more websites. More than that, they have the network and buyers ready to put an offer in.  

2. Buyers come from a Real Estate Agent 
The days of selling your house by putting up a for sale sign and in the paper are gone. In order to gain internet traction, you have to syndicate your property to as many channels as possible. With that being said, common real estate websites have great internet

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We have a buyer looking for the following property:

- Located in Bozeman or Belgrade
- 2+ bedrooms
- Under $275,000
- 2 car garage preferred
- Condo, townhouse or single-family home
- Available ASAP

If you are selling a home similar to this, or know someone that is, contact Tamara Williams today!

Tamara Williams & Company
Tamara Williams

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It's that time of year when the market shifts and shows less inventory. With that being said, this IS the time to put your home on the market. Relocation buyers AND local buyers are motivated to buy especially if they have just put their home under contract or want to be in a new home by late winter or Spring 2018. (In fact, I myself will be listing my home this winter.) The holidays gives buyers more time and flexibility away from work to look at property. The reality is that the Gallatin Valley remains a highly desirable place to live. Lastly, we have seen average days on market decrease this fall.

Note: There can be flexibility to negotiate your closing date. While we can't guarantee this, it's possible.  

If you're considering putting your house on…
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This is an interesting topic that has come up. While the Bozeman real estate market is strong for sellers at this time, our advice to most sellers is of course to list!

However, this recommendation is to those sellers looking to list with an agent, not necessarily for a For Sale By Owner. Clearly, our approach listing a property in the MLS with a custom, robust marketing campaign is not the same style and approach that a for sale by owner can do himself or herself.  

It's not an apples to apples situation. So when considering listing your property this winter and over the holidays, we've broken down some key things to consider.

- Showings and Phone Calls
Listed w/ an Agent: Selling during the winter requires an agent to show the property and be available

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Match your property with the RIGHT buyer

This program is a way for your property to be found by the RIGHT buyer with ZERO WORK on you! When there is a Buyer match, meaning one of our Buyers is looking for a similar property to yours, we will contact you! (Note: A commission agreement is required to bring a buyer through. See below for more details)

Who can participate? 

Any For Sale By Owner selling their property. 

What is required of you?
- A minimum of 2.75% commission is required to work with a Buyer of Tamara Williams & Company. 
- A Commission Agreement must be signed prior to showing the Buyer the property (for a sample agreement, just ask!)

What is the Buyer's Agent role?
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SERIOUS BUYERS wanting to buy the following units. If you know anyone looking to sell their property, please forward this to them. Especially if you are a For Sale By Owner and willing to pay a minimum commission of 2.75%, please contact Tamara Williams & Company at 406-223-6823! 


Buyer #1:
3 Beds
2 Baths
Price: under $260K
Not apartment style, stacked condo

Buyer #2:
4 Beds
2.5 Baths
Price: under $375,000
* City limits – convenient to MSU and can be under construction
When: November deadline
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While many agents will say they will take "great" photos of your property, what does that actually mean?  

- Are they using a professional high end camera lense or their iPhone7?
- Are they hiring a professional photographer who understands lighting and angles? 
- Have you seen photos of their other listings? What is the quality like? 

BAD PHOTOS - CAUSE & EFFECT: Your first impression of a home are in fact the PHOTOS. When we see dark photos, blurry images, a glare on every other photo, that doesn't excite a buyer nor an Agent to request a showing. We shop with our eyes. Could the handful of blurry, dark photos be the reason why your property has not received an offer or a good offer for that matter? 


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Hi there, 

I am hoping to get your HELP! I'm sure there are few options out there but I am trying to get the word out to help a few clients. If you know of anyone renting out a 3+ Bed, 2+ Bath, please send me a text or call at 406-223-6823. 

Rental 1:
3+ Beds
2+ Baths

Price: Under $1,800
Lease Duration +/- 6 months
Hardwood floors - Preferred
Garage - Preferred 
Yard - not required 
Location Bozeman, Belgrade or nearby city
* Must allow cats


3+ Beds
2+ Baths
Under $1,300
When: ASAP
How Long: 2-4 months

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