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It's that time of year when the market shifts and shows less inventory. With that being said, this IS the time to put your home on the market. Relocation buyers AND local buyers are motivated to buy especially if they have just put their home under contract or want to be in a new home by late winter or Spring 2020. The Holidays gives buyers more time and flexibility away from work to look at property. The reality is that the Gallatin Valley remains a highly desirable place to live. Lastly, we have seen average days on market decrease this fall.

Note: There can be flexibility to negotiate your closing date. While we can't guarantee this, it's possible.  

If you're considering putting your house on the market this winter, we are happy to help guide you

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We know that hosting holiday guests can be one of the most stressful times of the year. That's why we put together this short list of tips to make you feel like the hostest with the mostest!

1. Clear Out The Clutter

• No, we don’t mean for you to organize all your junk drawers and closets. This step is for public areas - living room, kitchen, dining area, guest rooms, etc.

• Belongings not a part of your "daily routine", store in closets, storage areas, or even the garage.

2. Get Your Bathrooms Ready for Battle

  • Stock with extra supplies including towels, toilet paper, extra toiletries, and a bath mat and toilet plunger! Make sure these items are out in the open for guests who won’t feel comfortable digging through your cabinets.

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Undecided if you should list your home for sale during the Holidays, or to wait until January? We are here to help you! Below are 10 reasons you should list your home now, instead of waiting.

1. Serious buyers are more ready to make a decision. With fewer houses to choose from during the Holidays, your property would have less competition. Less competition = more money 

2.  Showings can be restricted to when you want your home to be shown. Marketing specified showing times is easy and simple to communicate up front. 

3. Houses “show better” when tastefully decorated for the Holidays with the wonderful lights and festive colors associated with the season.

4. Buyers are more emotional during the Holidays and often base their decision on the warmth and

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Not sure when to list? Check out the below reasons that might help guide you one way or another... 

1. Less Competition - Fewer houses to choose from during the holidays means your property would have less competition. Less competition = more money 

2.  We can decide on showing times up front - Showings can be restricted to when you want your home to be shown. Marketing specified showing times is easy and simple to communicate up front. 

3. Holiday decorations could help you! - Houses “show better” when tastefully decorated for the holidays with the wonderful lights and festive colors associated with the season.

4. Feeling that Holiday Spirit - Buyers are more emotional during the holidays and often base their decision on the warmth and good feelings

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Being a homeowner means taking care of your home through every season. We have made it easy to know exactly what you need to do to prepare your home for winter with this simple checklist:

Winterizing your home


  • Test all systems
  • Clean any debris around units
  • Change Filters
  • Reverse Ceiling Fans
  • Program thermostat to regulate temperatures when you are not home


  • Clean & check dampers
  • Stock up on firewood
  • Inspect your chimney cap
  • Ensure you have a fire extinguisher nearby


  • Look for drafts
  • Apply caulk/weather stripping where needed
  • Remove & store window AC unites
  • Seal off crawl space


  • Winterize sprinkler systems
  • Turn off outdoor spigots
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Bozeman Real Estate Market 2017 Winter Update To say this winter has been busy is an understatement.  If you think for one second selling a property in the winter is bad, think again.  All of these properties went under contract this fall/winter.  The market still looks strong in all areas; however, that statement strongly depends on the location, price, and condition of the property.

Check out this link to instantly see what today's market health looks like. 

Due to the large number of homes currently under construction in Flanders Mill Subdivision, I am seeing some VERY good buying opportunities.  Buyers are having the ability to select between 50 different homes in a very small proximity which means more power in the Buyer's hands.

Have a question? Contact us below or call us at 406-223-6823.

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This is an interesting topic that has come up. While the Bozeman real estate market is strong for sellers at this time, our advice to most sellers is of course to list!

However, this recommendation is to those sellers looking to list with an agent, not necessarily for a For Sale By Owner. Clearly, our approach listing a property in the MLS with a custom, robust marketing campaign is not the same style and approach that a for sale by owner can do himself or herself.  

It's not an apples to apples situation. So when considering listing your property this winter and over the holidays, we've broken down some key things to consider.

- Showings and Phone Calls
Listed w/ an Agent: Selling during the winter requires an agent to show the property and be available

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While many agents will say they will take "great" photos of your property, what does that actually mean?  

- Are they using a professional high end camera lense or their iPhone7?
- Are they hiring a professional photographer who understands lighting and angles? 
- Have you seen photos of their other listings? What is the quality like? 

BAD PHOTOS - CAUSE & EFFECT: Your first impression of a home are in fact the PHOTOS. When we see dark photos, blurry images, a glare on every other photo, that doesn't excite a buyer nor an Agent to request a showing. We shop with our eyes. Could the handful of blurry, dark photos be the reason why your property has not received an offer or a good offer for that matter? 


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  1. While there may be less buyers out there, people who look for a home during the holidays are serious... they are ready to buy!

  2. There are fewer homes for buyers to look at during the holidays which means less competition for you... less competition equals more money!

  3. After the holidays the supply of listings increases substantially which lowers the demand for your home... more competition equals less money!

  4. Your home shows better when decorated for the holidays!

  5. Time is valuable - Many buyers have more time to look for property during the holidays (as opposed to a normal work week).

  6. We will restrict the showings on your home to the times you want it shown. You remain in control.

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