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Selling your home can be a daunting experience, especially when it is worth less than you purchased it for.   If you can no longer afford your home and the fear of foreclosure looms, a short sale may be an option. But the key to a successful short sale is to ACT EARLY! I can't stress this enough. I have had several clients come into my office for help one week before their home was to hit the courthouse steps! Do NOT do this! We will have a very difficult time helping you and getting the bank to stall the foreclosure in that short time.  Below are the materials you will need for short sale consideration. If it is your primary residence, do not sweat the sale as you shouldn't be forced responsible for the difference.  (Please contact a financial advisor or attorney to verify your situation).

Documents Required for Short Sales

  • Copy of driver's license
  • 2 most recent tax returns
  • 30 days pay stubs,
  • 2 months bank statements
  • Hardship letter
  • Property tax bill
  • Financial worksheet

Selling your home via a Short Sale

  • Keep your home show-ready; just because it's a short sale doesn’t mean your home should be let go.
  • Be flexible.
  • Be PATIENT! Patience is a virtue, especially when you are selling your home via a short sale

Before you sell your home via short sale please keep in mind rental rates are up and you may be taking a loss on your home now, but if you can hold on, do so, because the Bozeman (not Belgrade) market has been on an upward trend for the last two quarters.

Things to consider before selling via short sale

  1. A home is a tax deduction
  2. What would you be paying for a similar property every month, if you were renting?
  3. Would you be saving money if you sold your home via short sale, had no tax deductions, and now had to rent?

Just because you go through the whole process to sell your home as a short sale does not mean the bank will qualify you for the program.  Please be cautious.  You can lose your home to foreclosure.  Do your research, be educated, and think long-term.

If you need help or if you would like to talk options, obligation-free, please contact me! 

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