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Are you relocating or thinking about relocating to Bozeman, Montana?  Follow our blog for all-things related to living in Bozeman.  Feel like a resident faster by working with one of our relocation experts.  We will tell you what to expect during your move and what is standard during the home buying process.  We'll share with you the best months to move to Bozeman, the best time to buy a home, and how to get the best deal when purchasing during a move. We can help you find childcare, get your driver's license, provide recommendations on the best restaurants, and more!

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For those who have not been so lucky finding a place, we hope this guide will help you get that much closer to finding a home.

Is it challenging to find a rental in Bozeman? The short answer is YES, it very much can be. We live in a wonderful community that is quickly becoming not just a stop for tourists but a permanent home for many out-of-staters. Montana State University combined with the working professionals who are not yet homeowners creates a large number of renters for only a limited supply of actual rentals available.  

Timing: Start your search ASAP. The reality is that there is a limited supply of rentals within city limits and it is very competitive in certain rental price points. Though Bozeman is a very dog friendly

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If you are a local resident or have been following the market from afar, you have likely noticed that Bozeman, Montana has a VERY STRONG real estate market. You may ask why are the home prices continually increasing? Bozeman is such a small town and is nowhere close to San Francisco or a big metropolitan city ..? Well there's an easy yet simple answer. Bozeman is a desirable place to live. Where there is HIGH demand, there will be higher prices to support that demand.

As you know, there are an overwhelming number of reasons why people are flocking to Bozeman from all over the country. We are working with a number of relocation buyers year after year not just from Washington or California but from all over the country. From the plethora of

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Montana living without all the hustle and bustle!

Have you heard about Manhattan, MT?

It is about 25 minutes from Bozeman with a population just under 2,000. All the great amenities Montana has to offer including; fishing, hiking, camping, restaurants and more! This quaint town has a charm that will draw you in.  

Comparing the average sales price of Bozeman's Greater Area to Manhattan's Greater Area, the average sales price for a single family home in Manhattan is $415,214 LESS! The average days on market for single family homes in Manhattan is only 24 days while Bozeman is 70! This means properties are not lasting as long in Manhattan as it is so desirable.

Now that we've got you interested in purchasing in Manhattan/Three Forks, here is

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Are you currently searching for your Montana dream home? 

Below are just listed properties currently on the market in Gallatin County.  If you find a property you would like additional information on, please contact me at: (406) 539-3563 or complete the form below. 

Are you a first time home buyer? Learn how to get pre-qualified HERE.   

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Are you or a family member attending Montana State University this coming Fall 2020? 

Looking for a home with cheap monthly payments in a great location close to campus? There is a great alternative. Buying a house is a big investment, but it may be your wisest decision when it comes to paying living expenses for years to come. The perks of owning your home, outweigh renting a home from a Property Management business. If you plan to be in Bozeman for the next several years while obtaining your degree/attending a local higher education program, it may be in your best interest to buy a home.

You can deduct the amount you pay in mortgage interest for your home on your federal tax return. Property Taxes paid to local authorities are tax deductible.

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City of Bozeman: (406) 582 - 3200
City of Belgrade: (406) 388 - 3760
Town of Manhattan: (406) 284 - 3235 

Northwestern Energy: (888) 467 - 2669
AmeriGas: (406) 586 - 2278
Gasworks Inc: (406) 539 - 1371
Petrolane Gas Service: ( 406) 586 - 2278
Madison River Propane: (406) 388 - 8227
Montana Energy Alliance: (406) 388 - 5353 

Northwestern Energy: 888-467-2669
Park Electric Cooperative: (406) 222 - 3100 

City of Bozeman: (406) 582 - 3200
Republic Services:   (406) 586 - 0606
L&L: (406) 388 - 7171

Qwest Communications: (800) 244 - 1111
Spectrum: (866) 874 - 2389
CentryLink: (406) 404 -7085

Cellular Companies
Cellular One: (406) 522 - 9950
3 Rivers Wireless: (406) 587 - 4561
Verizon: (406) 585 - 9205
AT&T: (406) 586 - 0110

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It comes with no surprise that Montana was ranked second in the country for outdoor recreation in 2017. Outdoor recreation added $2.4 billion to Montana's Gross Domestic Product, only 13% less than construction! With that being said, we've compiled a handful of amazing camping opportunities in the Gallatin National Forest for you to check out! Whether you are looking for a day trip or a weekend adventure, you won't be disappointed with the fresh air and beautiful scenery!

*Photo taken at Hebgen Lake

  • Bozeman District (Bozeman, MT)
    Battle Ridge Campground
    Reservations: No     Campsites: 13
    Chisholm Campground 
    Reservations: Yes    Campsites: 10
    Fairy Lake Campground 
    Reservations: No     Campsites: 9
    Greek Creek Campground 
    Reservations: Yes  

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 Just in time for Memorial Weekend! Get out and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery Bozeman and Montana has to offer!

Photo taken at Middle Cottonwood Trail July 2019 

Baldy Peak Summit 
Distance: 9.6 miles, out and back 
Skill Level: difficult
Features: mountain biking, backpacking

Bear Canyon Trail
Distance: 8.1 miles, out and back
Skill Level: moderate
Features: creek/river, lake, mountain biking 

Drinking Horse
Distance: 2.2 miles, out and back
Skill Level: easy to moderate 

Emerald Lake
Distance: 10 miles or 11 miles to Heather Lake, out and back
Skill Level: easy to moderate
Features: creek, lake, fishing, mountain biking, camping

Fairy Lake
Distance: 1.2 mile loop
Skill Level: easy
Features: lake, creek, fishing, camping

Garnet Mountain

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Have you or someone you know been considering moving to Bozeman, Montana? Well, we are here to tell you to spread the word about how awful Bozeman is ;) 

Elevation: Let’s discuss everything there is to hate about Bozeman. First off, it’s located 4,800 feet above sea level so the air is thinner and there is less air pressure so if you plan on doing some baking, good luck!

Long winters: Be prepared for 50 inches of annual snowfall. We aren’t talking snow for just a couple of weeks, we are taking snow in the fall and again the first day of summer. Winter here can last a couple of months if we’re lucky, but don’t get your hopes up too soon. After “first spring” comes “second winter”, followed by “second spring” and “third winter”, so before you get

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 Do you enjoy mountain biking? We do!
Check out these 10 awesome mountain biking trails close to Bozeman.

Bangtail Mountains
Grassy Mountain: 16 miles, round trip
Bangtail Divide: 22.3 miles, point to point

Big Sky Area
Garnet Mountain: 11.6 miles out and back
Lone Mountain, Big Sky Resort: multiple trails of varied length

Hyalite Canyon
Emerald Lake: 9.4 miles, out and back
Hood Creek: 6.6 miles, round trip

South Cottonwood Canyon
South Cottonwood Creek: 5 miles, out and back
South Cottonwood Creek to Blackmore Peak: 8.3 miles, point to point

Sourdough Canyon
Bozeman Creek to Mystic Lake: 19.9 miles, out and back

Three Forks
Copper City Trails: multiple trails of varied length.

Learn more about these trails, HERE.

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