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If you are a first time parent or relocating your family to Bozeman you may be shocked when you start looking for local daycare providers. 

Did you recently find out you are expecting or are you relocating with children to Bozeman?  DO NOT WAIT, START LOOKING THIS SECOND. Daycare providers may have waitlist times of 1+ year! I was told it would be 6+ months before I could get part-time care through a daycare provider.

How To Find A Daycare In Bozeman?

  • Childcare Connections - A complete game-changer for me. Daycare providers inform Childcare Connections when they have vacancies. If you complete your wants and needs form they will provide you a list of providers who match your criteria. 
  • Friend referrals
  • Facebook Groups -
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Did you know that Montana has one of the longest winter seasons in all of the lower 48 states of the US?

Whether you like to ski, snowboard, ice skate, snow-shoe, cross-country ski, ice climb, snowmobile, ice fish, dog sled, or even just apres-ski, there is always fun to be had in Montana winter weather. 

While there are Ski Resorts with miles and miles of the best skiing in the world, there are also many lesser known resorts for you to play in the snow without the crowds. 


1. Bear Paw Ski Bowl  2. Blacktail Mountain  3. Great Divide  4. Lost Trail Powder Mountain 5. Maverick Mountain 6. Teton Pass 7. Turner Mountain

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For the soon to be moms and dads out there, what do you need to know about childcare centers/daycares in Bozeman? 

*** If you are relocating to Bozeman, definitely read through this blog article to ensure your family's transition is as seamless as possible.


How do you find out if a daycare is licensed? 
You'll want to visit this website:
**This website will give you up to date information and run down of past inspections and reports on the daycares. 

Are there fees to be on a waitlist? 
Sometimes there is. And sometimes that fee is non-refundable so consider the fee to be a deposit. 

How quickly should you reach out to childcare centers/daycares?
The most sound

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Are you interested in moving to Bozeman, Montana? Have you compared the climate here to where you are moving from? If you’ve never lived in a cold climate, moving to one can be quite a shock! We decided to compile a few tips to help you transition to your new, cold climate, here in Bozeman.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Moving to a location with freezing temperatures and snow means you’ll need to do a little preparation on your vehicle. Engine oil, coolant, and windshield wiper fluids all need to be checked and potentially changed to accommodate freezing temperatures. You will also want to consider getting snow tires for better traction. It is also a great idea to keep a winter kit in your vehicle. This would include items like a blanket, flashlight, extra

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 What you don't know about Bozeman ...

Our city is small in nature but what makes our microeconomy tick and how is it fueled? There is no doubt Bozeman specifically is growing like crazy year after year. How does the growth affect our day to day, the real estate market, and the overall trajectory of where we are headed? 

I wanted to share these pretty in depth economic reports that have been recently published by Prospera Business Network and The City of Bozeman. Both of these reports cover topics from demographics, real estate, job market, healthcare, education, agriculture, transportation, and so much more. I hope you take time to go through the wealth of information not only about our city but also on our county and state. 

Click the two

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We love Bozeman all year long because there is so much this beautiful location has to offer, BUT we would LOVE to tell you all about why you should move here this fall.


Gallatin County is known for its incredible hikes, but there is a specific beauty that occurs during the Fall. The trees that were once emerald green are now turning fiery yellow, blazing orange and glistening gold. The air is filled with a crisp freshness that dances along your skin, while the cool temps keep you comfortable while you wander up the mountain trails. Visit our blog “Fall Hiking in Bozeman” for some incredible recommendations. 


Everyone knows Montana is known for its incredible fly fishing, but did you know brown trout start spawning in November

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Fall in Montana is truly magical!

The leaves change from a glorious green to deep burnt orange and vivacious yellow hues. The air is filled with a cool crisp freshness and our beautiful Bridger Mountains have a marvelous dusting of snow. Fall is a great time to be in Bozeman, whether you are looking for activities that take you outdoors or activities that keep you in the warmth of the indoors. Bozeman has something for you. 

We wanted to help you find fun this fall in Bozeman so we compiled a list of epic activities for you to try!


• Pumpkin Patches/Seasonal Farms/Hayrides/Apple Picking

Enjoy all things fall at any of these amazing locations! These farms offer fun fall activities like hayrides, apple picking, cider pressing,

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Have you or someone you know been considering moving to Bozeman, Montana? Well, we are here to tell you to spread the word about how awful Bozeman is ;) 

Elevation: Let’s discuss everything there is to hate about Bozeman. First off, it’s located 4,800 feet above sea level so the air is thinner and there is less air pressure so if you plan on doing some baking, good luck!

Long winters: Be prepared for 50 inches of annual snowfall. We aren’t talking snow for just a couple of weeks, we are taking snow in the fall and again the first day of summer. Winter here can last a couple of months if we’re lucky, but don’t get your hopes up too soon. After “first spring” comes “second winter”, followed by “second spring” and “third winter”, so before you get

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Bozeman, Montana has been ranked #5 in “The 30 Best Place To Retire in America” by Self-Made. This comes as no surprise to us, we know the beauty Montana has to offer, but do you? 

Self-Made claims Bozeman made it in the top 5 for those retirees who still feel youthful and are looking for a retired life filled with adventure and exploration. What better way to celebrate life and an open schedule than with fresh air, wilderness and extravagant mountain ranges. Located in Southwest Montana a quick drive to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Parks.

With a metro population of roughly 108,000, Bozeman is spread out perfectly so the only time there is overcrowding is Homecoming week at Montana State University. Situated perfectly

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Bozeman, Montana Resident's guide to living here from school, park, health resource information and so much more. Check out this year's 2018 magazine published by The Bozeman Daily Chronicle. 

HIGHLIGHTS to this magazine: 
Bozeman Schools: Page 12
Bozeman Parks: Page 16-18
Health Resources: Page 28

To view prior Snapshot Southwest Resident's Guide magazines, click here.

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