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Is the housing market still a seller's market, or is it finally showing signs of slowing down? What could the changing market conditions mean for you as a seller, if this profound shift is happening?

Leading real estate professionals have been predicting that the seemingly endless growth in home prices, coupled with an unprecedented shortage of home listings, would not last forever. Several factors suggest that the pivotal moment for housing markets across the country is right around the corner.

As a seller, you may have been waiting for the best possible time to sell your home, or you just weren't ready to sell until now due to personal circumstances. But have you missed your window to sell your home in the post-pandemic seller's…

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Are you selling your home or thinking about selling your home? This is the article you'll want to read..

There’s a lot to consider when you put your house on the market. When working with a seller, I always brief my clients with a lot of this information beforehand. However, if you are looking to sell your home on your own (for sale by owner), pay careful attention to this blog. It could prevent your house from sitting cold on the market.  

This is a common mistake - Using the wrong neighborhood sales statistics. You want to analyze other homes, do so within a very close proximity to where your home is located. Using a home that is located near a park or in a more appealing neighborhood than your home will inevitably cost more. So be very…

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While many agents will say they will take "great" photos of your property, what does that actually mean?  

- Are they using a professional high end camera lense or their iPhone7?
- Are they hiring a professional photographer who understands lighting and angles? 
- Have you seen photos of their other listings? What is the quality like? 

BAD PHOTOS - CAUSE & EFFECT: Your first impressions of a home are in fact the PHOTOS. When we see dark photos, blurry images, or a glare on every other photo, that doesn't excite a buyer nor an Agent to request a showing. We shop with our eyes. Could the handful of blurry, dark photos be the reason why your property has not received an offer or a good offer for that matter? 


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Thinking of selling your home but don't know where to start? Not sure of the process involved with selling a home, or just want a refresher? Check out the infographic below for a brief guide!

If you have any questions about the Home Seller Timeline or want to know more, please contact your friendly Realtor/Broker, Tamara Williams at (406) 223-6823 or email me at 
If you are looking for a good time to sell, NOW is the time. The market is hot and homes are not lasting long! For more information around the Bozeman market, CLICK HERE. 


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As a homeowner, what home projects are worth your time, money, and energy to improve property value in the long term? 

We often see the end result of a homeowner spending substantial savings in areas of a home that did NOT improve their home's value for what they hoped it would yield. Check out our Do's and Don'ts list below! 


  • Repainting
    Choose neutrals, grays, shades of whites, blues. (See below for colors to stay away from.) Sometimes all you need to do to spruce up a space is add a fresh coat of paint! It can make a room feel brand new. 

  • Door Color 
    Black doors have proven to increase offer/sold prices of homes. It adds a pop of color without being too flashy. 

    Exterior of historic home in Bozeman, MT

  • Hire a Contractor
    Hire a professional contractor or handyman that you…

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I have broken down the numbers over a 5 year period.  I calculated anything over $800,000 in Bozeman City Limits. I went the extra step and broke the numbers down by quarter so you can decide when you should buy or sell your luxury home in Bozeman city limits.

  • Quarter 2 and Quarter 3 have the most home sales
  • Quarter 4 has the highest sales price but the fewest units sold

Please note I did not post 2014 as mentioned in the video.  I can tell you there were a total of 4 sales of $800,000.  Two homes sold in Jan and March with sales prices averaging $846,500.  One sale took place in June, averaging $800,000. The final sale took place in December and averaged $1,075,000.

If you have any questions about this post please call me…

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  1. FIRST STEP - Contact an agent, even if you are a For Sale By Owner (FSBO). 

  2. TIMELINE - When do you want to list your home? 
    - Tamara Williams & Company hits the ground running scheduling stagers, photographers, drone pilot, repair companies, landscapers, etc to get your home where it needs to be.
    - All homes are different and require different needs so discuss a game plan with your agent. 
    - It's summer and it's a busy time of year, especially for photographers. Weddings take up a lot of their time and energy so booking on their schedule ASAP is the best practice so your list date does not have to be delayed. 

  3. KNOW YOUR DESIRED LIST DATE - What if you don’t sell by your desired date?
    - If you are a FSBO, do you have a PLAN B…

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What are the Do's and Don'ts when selling your home? Check out my video to find out! This video is applicable for anyone who is selling their home themselves (For Sale By Owner - FSBO), but also if you are already working with a Realtor. These tips are instrumental to understand the RIGHT way to sell your home. 

Note: This is a great time to consider putting your house on the market. There's lower inventory in the Bozeman Real Estate market right now which means you'll have hungry buyers ready to make an offer! 

If you have any questions about this video or would like more home selling tips, please give me a ring at 406. 223.6823. I would be happy to also meet you at your home (free, no obligation) if you'd like to better understand the process…

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A few tips to share:

  • Use comps that are in line with your home 
  • Do not look to Zestimates to reflect accurate home pricing 
  • Prep, stage, and clean your home 

Click this link to view "Relocate to Bozeman" video 

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