Are you interested in moving to Bozeman, Montana? Have you compared the climate here to where you are moving from? If you’ve never lived in a cold climate, moving to one can be quite a shock! We decided to compile a few tips to help you transition to your new, cold climate, here in Bozeman.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Moving to a location with freezing temperatures and snow means you’ll need to do a little preparation on your vehicle. Engine oil, coolant, and windshield wiper fluids all need to be checked and potentially changed to accommodate freezing temperatures. You will also want to consider getting snow tires for better traction. It is also a great idea to keep a winter kit in your vehicle. This would include items like a blanket, flashlight, extra socks, small shovel, jumper cables, and some salt or kitty litter. Bottled water and snacks are always recommended as well. 

Expect Higher Bills

If you haven’t needed to crank the heater during the winter prepared for a higher energy bill. Or depending on the place you live, you may be using propane or wood heat. Be sure to budget for the extra heating bill, the propane delivery, or the couple cords of firewood you’ll need to get through the colder months. Assess how insulated your home is and, if needed, take additional steps to make your home more energy efficient. 

Proper Clothing Makes All The Difference

Nothing will turn you off more to your new home than being under-prepared and uncomfortable. If you prepare for the colder temps with appropriate clothing, you will avoid extra frustrations and unbearable conditions. Invest in quality winter boots, insulated mittens, a thick winter coat with a hood, and a nice warm beanie. You won’t want to leave the house without your thick socks, cozy layers, and an extra coat just in case. Layers make all the difference in surviving the cold. 

Blankets, Blankets, and More Blankets!

There is something about curling up in a warm, cozy blanket that makes you feel secure and protected. You will want to invest in some quality blankets to ensure a comfy night of sleep. Flannel sheets also increase the cozy factor on a chilly night. 

Get A Winter Hobby

One of the benefits of living in Bozeman is the abundance of winter activities. We are located close to multiple ski resorts, there is unlimited access for cross country skiing, and plenty of places to go snowshoeing. Outdoor enthusiasts are plentiful in these parts so meeting up to partake in ice climbing, playing a pick-up game of hockey, or going ice fishing won’t be hard to accomplish. If you don’t want to be outside in the winter wonderland, you need to think about what indoor activities you can enjoy without going stir-crazy. 

Check The Weather Forecast

Commuting in these wintery conditions can be dangerous and nerve-wracking so it is important to know your abilities and limits. Check the forecast so you don’t get caught in a nasty storm when you intend to head to work on the other side of the pass. You will want to leave early to give yourself plenty of time to make it to your destination. Snowstorms are pretty predictable so if you keep your eye on the forecast you can prepare for the day ahead. 

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