Sometimes locating the right information is impossible, especially when there are programs you don't even know exist!

Are you interested in Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) but don't know if local zoning approves it? 
The map below will provide a quick view of the area.  Interactive mapping is available -  search by a specific address to figure out what Vacation Rental Zoning area you are in.

Vacation Rental By Owner VRBO Zoning Bozeman

There are different Types of VRBOs in the City of Bozeman; Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3.  The below information was gathered from the city of Bozeman Short Term Rental website found HERE

"Short Term Rentals are defined in Sec. 38.42.2835 of the Bozeman Municipal Code as: “A vacation home, tourist home as defined in MCA 50-51-102, a dwelling as defined in 38.42.940, accessory dwelling unit, or room within a vacation home or dwelling, which is rented by or on behalf of the owner to the general public for compensation for transient occupancy as provided for in article 22.”

The distinctions between different types of Short terms rentals are:

  • Type-1:  A short term rental of one or more bedrooms in an owner-occupied dwelling while the owner is occupying the same dwelling unit for the entire rental period.

  • Type-2: 
    • A short term rental of an owner-occupied dwelling if the owner is not occupying the dwelling during the entire rental period. 
    • A short term rental of a permitted accessory dwelling unit (ADU) whether or not the ADU’s owner is present in the primary dwelling unit during the rental period.
    • A short term rental of one dwelling unit within a duplex whether or not the duplex’s owner is present in the duplex’s other dwelling unit during the rental period.
  • Type-3:  A short term rental that is not owner-occupied.

Interested in purchasing a property with the intention of using it as a Vacation Rental By Owner? Take a look at the below properties! *Properties listed below are located in VRBO potential area's, if interested in a property, cross reference the address with the interactive map above.

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