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If you hadn't noticed, here at Tamara Williams and Company, we are in a great market for making videos, especially videos about homes and about Bozeman. As we find you a new home, this is our home, and we love it. We get to see quite a bit of it, want to show off our great city, and help you explore the new and upcoming places. 

Here's a quick video about what we've seen so far! There's maybe a few views in there that you haven't seen of Bozeman too.

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Today we are going over how to finance and build a new home in Bozeman, MT with Shannon Foley & Graver Johnson Team at Cornerstone Home Lending.

Check out my blog if you are debating on Buying Property or Selling Your Home This Winter. Call Tamara Williams at (406) 223-6823 if you have any questions about this video, are interesting selling or buying property, and for all other Real Estate needs.

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Today we are going over why the current Real Estate Market is of mixed value to both buyers and sellers, as well as, what can we anticipate for 2019? 

Check out my blog if you are debating on Selling Your Home This Winter. Call Tamara Williams at (406) 223-6823 if you have any questions about this video, are interesting selling or buying property, and for all other Real Estate needs. 

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Check this quick live walk-through tour of this just completed home, 3686 Tschache Lane, situated on Bozeman’s 100 Acre Park! 

List Price: $650,000  // MLS # 328668

For additional information or to view more property photos, CLICK HERE. 

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Divorce - It's hard, it can be messy, stressful, and difficult. We can help. We have handled NUMEROUS divorce cases and understand every divorce situation is different. We commonly work with Divorce Attorneys hired by the sellers for some situations where the sellers need additional support. Some cases are contentious and some couples do not prefer direct contact/communication. If that is the case, we go the extra length to separate communication lines if needed and ensure both parties are taken care of. 

If you are going through a difficult time, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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While we can't speak for every Seller, what we can discuss is how the market generally runs. Homes that are listed during the summer time or even early fall are accumulating higher days on market. 

There are a few subdivisions that are publicly advertising buyer incentive deals if you buy by a certain time.
These specific areas mentioned in my video are: Norton Ranch and Ryen Glenn subdivisions. 

While we can't speak for every seller or every property below, what we can offer is that there is typically a greater incentive for a seller to sell before the end of the year for many reasons mentioned below but not limited to.

Buyer Advantages & Seller Challenges: 

- Sellers may be more flexible (or willing) to negotiate 
- Less buyers to compete with this

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Use the tips & tricks in this video to organize your linen closet and impress your holiday guests.

Make some time this weekend for a quick closet makeover so that you can easily find exactly what you are looking for in a snap!

Step 1: Roll Small towels & store in an easily accessible basket
Step 2: Store all cleaning supplies in a basket
Step 3: Put q-tips, cotton balls, and other small items in smaller containers
Step 4: Fold sheet sets together & label by size
Step 5: Add dryer sheets to keep linens smelling fresh

*This effort is absolutely appreciated to potential home buyers if you are looking to sell your home this winter. When seeing your organized closet, they will be envious of your home and want to move right in! 

Source: HGTV

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Check out my You Tube Channel to stay up to date on the real estate market in Bozeman/Gallatin Valley, our Brokerage updates, and all things Real Estate related! Also, check out my real estate Facebook Videos if you're curious at all. 

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Have you seen mis-represented information published on real estate websites and does this happen? 

I did this video because I want to convey how important it is to understand what kind of property you are buying and Who You Work With Matters. We have been running into the problem that while we are all busy, some agents are proving to be too busy to exercise their due diligence listing correct and accurate information about a property. For example, a property that is a 3 bedroom property with a guest apartment (in the MLS) should reflect just that. In this situation, the Agent mis-represented the property to have 5 bedrooms. There was no 5th bedroom anywhere on that property. The Agent admitted that was incorrectly inputted into the

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