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A few tips to share:

  • Use comps that are in line with your home 
  • Do not look to Zestimates to reflect accurate home pricing 
  • Prep, stage, and clean your home 

Click this link to view "Relocate to Bozeman" video 

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I recently attended the Economic Seminar here in Bozeman earlier this month. Economists are stating an overall trajectory that the Real Estate market will continue to grow through the next 5-10 years. This is a GREAT thing for the City of Bozeman, the Bozeman Real Estate market, and YOUR property value.

  • Interest rates are subject to continue increasing. What we don't know is what the rates will look like come summer...
  • We are still seeing pretty low inventory in Bozeman for single family detached units, condominiums, farm and ranches, across the board. 
  • The good news is that Spring is around the corner and we do expect A BIG INCREASE in homes hitting the market. 
So if you are a homebuyer, be aggressive, get your financing in order,…
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Big news if you live near the 100-acre park in Bozeman, MT.  There was a recent news release that stated plans were underway to move forward with a new sports complex, soccer fields, and a dog park.

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the surrounding Bozeman subdivisions; Ferguson Farms, The Crossing, or Baxter Meadows West you will likely see a peak in real estate interest. With so many nearby amenities this area, it will provide great recreational opportunities for residents of all ages.  

Call Tamara today for additional info 406-223-6823

 Homes For Sale Near the 100 Acre Bozeman Park

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Thinking of purchasing a home?  The YMCA recently closed on land near Journey Church off Love Lane.  Some of the Subdivisions near Journey Church are; Middle Creek Parklands, Westlake Park, Wylie Creek, Black Bull Subdivision, and Baxter Meadows West. If you are considering your next home purchase, check out the video below and search through some of the nearby homes for sale.

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If you are paying more than $1,500 - $2,000 a month and you want more responsibility, freedom, go see your banker today.  While there are many newspaper ads discussing how expensive Bozeman is, interest rates are at all time lows and buying a home in Bozeman is probably more affordable than you know. 

Don't have the down payment?  If you live outside of Bozeman's City limits there is RD financing that provides 100% financing.  You can also request sellers to contribute towards your closing costs and prepaids.

Want to live in the City of Bozeman?  There are FHA programs that allow about 3% down, and Conventional loans require about a 5% down payment.

I am not telling people to purchase a home if they don't feel ready, but if you have been wanting

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To say it has been a busy summer would be and understatement. Tamara's high producing team and 

high expectations of standards are proving to sell homes for top Dollar, and increasing her demand for seller representation.  Her out of the box thinking is what makes her so successful, Tamara does not just take listings.  When a home Seller calls Tamara she automatically envisions who the Buyer is going to be, where she needs to specifically market, what words to use for the specific listing, and then starts a high powered campaign to heavily target the demographic she is marketing to.   While her RE/MAX team does have a formula she doesn't have a specific formula for each home.  She takes her proven system and makes modifications to provide BIG results.

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