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                                                   WHY YOU SHOULD TRAVEL TO MEXICO



The people, and culture in Mexico are truly amazing! They appreciate visitors so much in the service industry. They go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome to their country. I have never traveled anywhere and felt more welcome than I do when I am in Mexico. If you take the time to get to know the local people you will make friends for life! Mexico has also suffered tremendously throughout Covid-19. They get no help from their government so they rely on us/tourists to survive, now more than ever!

COVID NOTE: I will say Mexico (Cabo San Lucas in particular) is doing an incredible job of keeping things clean and safe for everyone. There are sanitizing machines you walk through when entering most resorts and taking temperatures. Masks are required and hand sanitizer stations are offered when entering most facilities. Floor mats upon entering most facilities to clean your feet before entering. In my opinion, they are handling the serving of food in restaurants better than we are in the states, and we should be taking notes. All eating utensils are wrapped in plastic and food comes out in individual plate serving covers. 

It's BEAUTIFUL and FUN. The particular areas of Mexico I have visited each have their own unique beauty and creatures of life. The flowers are always pretty and the sunsets are stunning. 

Cancun which is on the Atlantic Ocean side has some amazing white sand beaches and clear blue waters with many resorts to choose from. 

    • Isla Mujures is a small island. This may not be an island you necessarily stay on, but visit for the day by ferry from Cancun. It's a unique island and the beaches are clean and beautiful . According to Mexico Living and Lifestyles, Isla Mujeres was ranked among the 10 best beaches in the world by the TripAdvisor 2019 Travler’s Choice award. TOP 10 BEACHES The fishing in Isla Mujures has some great barracuda fishing.  Other popular fish to catch in Isla are Blue and White Marlin, Mahi Mahi and Black fin tuna. 

    • Cozumel is a very large Island.It has the most beautiful coral reef I have ever seen! A Lot of the island is not yet developed and has jungle-like terrain. Snorkeling and or Scuba diving is a must! This Island is one of my favorites! 

    • Cabo San Lucas IS MY FAVORITE! ! It  is located on both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Cabo offers many water activities including fishing, whale watching, swimming with sharks, whales, and much more! While in Cabo you won’t miss seeing the arch of Cabo San Lucas. The arch also known as El Arco, which means “the arch” in spanish  is located at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas. You can get to the arch by taxing a taxi boat and they will drop you off at this beautiful beach known as the lover’s beach. 


      It can be affordable... BUT like anywhere, the price of your trip will weigh heavily on your airline tickets, time of year of travel and where you stay.
    • According to the champion travel Champion Travel

      • Average Couples trip ( 7 days) $1,422-$3,103

      • Average Family trip (cost based on family of 4 for 7 days) $2850-$6044

        (Please note these numbers are an estimated average and may not include special excursions you may take or how much shopping you do. ;-)

  • The food and drinks are AWESOME! The food is delicious, always fresh and fun! It has a variety of spices, seasonings, and vibrant colors that is served as a beautiful presentation. 

If you like guacamole you must try it in Mexico! It is so tasty and fresh served with freshly made tortilla chips and salsa. You can always get fresh fish if you enjoy seafood as well. Mexico offers a variety of foods, there is something for everyone to enjoy! 

If you enjoy tequila or margaritas, these are their signature drinks in Mexico. Most anywhere you go, you will be invited to a tequila tasting     


                                                     TIPS FOR MEXICO 


  • You will get a paper slip to fill out ,most generally on the airplane before entering Mexico. DO NOT LOSE IT!  There is a section on the bottom of the form that is on tear away paper, the immigration officer will rip it off and give you back the bottom portion to stick back into your passport.  Hold onto this form because you will need to give it back before you leave Mexico. If you do not have this form it will be a hassle and you will have to pay a fine!

  • GO FISHING AND EXPLORE!!!!! You can generally set these up upon your arrival or with your travel agent. 

  • This may sound really strange but in certain places (generally not the resorts)  toilet paper goes in the trash! They have really bad plumbing issues.  

  • Always bargain with the vendors when shopping in the market places, you can usually get some pretty good deals! 

  • Safety is ALWAYS top priority and always BE CAREFUL, but generally speaking traveling in most of Mexico is safe. Especially in the more tourist traveled areas like the areas I have discussed. Everything is always patrolled by the National guard and police. There are certain areas to be cautious and places you should not wander off alone. Particularly in downtown Cancun, and some of the outskirt areas of Cancun. It will be advised by some of the resorts in this area, not to wander far from your resorts. 

I personally enjoy going to the islands off of Cancun such as Cozumel, Isla mujeres ect. If you fly into Cancun you will need to take a ferry to these nearby islands, which takes like a half an hour to an hour.  I also really love Cabo, and felt super safe there! 

  • It's not a bad idea to take out a travel insurance policy to cover you during the time of your trip. You can generally get these through your insurance agent.  They will cover more if something was to happen to you or your family member on the trip.

  • Pack light you may want to come home with souvenirs! 

  • Always try to book your trip through a known source, such as travel agents in the United States. Also View the major travel booking websites such as expedia and travelocity. Click on vacation the vacation packages link, oftentimes booking a package can be an easy way to save on vacation costs.  If you have timeshares or have family and friends with timeshares, check with them and see of any available options. Costco has some great vacation packages as well. COSTCO TRAVEL

  • Tripadvisor.com is also a  great resource to get the latest reviews and also can check out vacation packages they have to offer. Trip Advisor

                                MY FAVORITE SPOTS TO CHECK OUT IN MEXICO 


  • Rent a scooter and drive around the island for the day making stops along the way.

  • Coconuts Bar/Restaurant  

  • Freedom in Paradise Bar/Restaurant 

  • Secrets Aura Resort-enjoyed staying at this resort you could snorkel right from the resort beach.

  • Check out the downtown area, lots of fun shops and restaurants.




lsla Mujeres 

  •  A massage on the beach, there are private huts set up on the beach.. They do a   great job not to mention super affordable. 
  • Buho’s bar of Buho is a super cool place to check out. It's the perfect beach bat, with outdoor seating on the beach and they have swing chairs. 

  • Many random stores to shop at in Isla Mujeres, and plenty of good places to grab a bite. 

  • Dolphin Discovery is a fun place to check out. If you have ever considered swimming with the dolphins, here is your chance. 

  • The Turtle farm is an interesting place to see, especially if you have children. There is an enclosed area with turtles and then there is a large area with a pier you can walk down to see the larger turtles. 

  • Take a sail ride, but be safe out there! Make sure you go with someone safe.

  • Zoetry Resort was a pretty fabulous resort. Very beautiful and private!   




 Cabo San Lucas 
  • El Medano is cabo’s main beach with many outdoor restaurants and many bars. 

  • Walk downtown and explore the shops and the boat harbours. I felt super safe here and took many walks by myself exploring. 

  • Definitely book a fishing excursion if you have any interest in this area. It's also a great experience to get out on the ocean and also may see some turtles and whales.  

  • Sanchoz and The Office were two of my favorite local spots to eat and drink. Sanchoz is known for their pink taco. IT'S DELICIOUS!   

  • The Office has beautiful views of the ocean, has a variety of great food, and is on the beach.

  • Hotel California is an interesting place to tour. It's about an hour drive from Cabo, located in the town of Todos Santos. 

  • Tequila Sunrise also located in Todos Santos has very tasty drinks and food! It's actually located across the street from Hotel California. 

  •  Cerritos beach is located between Cabo and Todos Santos. This is a beautiful wide open beach with big waves. It appears to be a popular surfer hang out. 

  • I enjoyed staying at the resort Marina Fiesta. It's located in the middle of downtown Cabo. Super quiet, clean, great service,  and beautiful views of the boat marinas. 

  • Hacienda is a beautiful resort with amazing ocean and sunset views. They have an amazing Italian restaurant here.

Recommendation For Fishing Guide In Cabo San Lucas 

Ole  Ole Sport Fishing Cabo San Lucas 

Dock B Slip 6 Marina Cabo San Lucus 23450




Recommendation For Transportation Private Tours of Surrounding Areas of Cabo San Lucas 

Welcome Home Cabo

Samuel Alcocer-owner 

You can request Antuan Candel as your driver, he was amazing! 




Mexico is a country with many cultural experiences and so many sights to see. While it can be affordable, it also offers a variety of experiences that everyone can enjoy. Its beauty,the beaches, the ocean life, the incredible food, and shopping are great reasons to visit Mexico soon! I have always had a wonderful experience traveling here. I have found that the Mexican people are very kind, and conscious of their responsibility to us as tourists.

If you have any specific questions, please reach out. Always happy to help! 



Crystal Hould-Mund



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