Bozeman Brewery District

Bozeman’s Brewery Historic District is located on the northeastern bend of the city next to the Northern Pacific Railroad depot. The Bozeman Brewery building was built in 1895 along the blocks of North Wallace Avenue and served the city up until the passage of prohibition in 1919. The building has now been altered in size with the demolition of the eastern three bays. This district is a significant representation of the historic brewing complex of refrigeration. 

While undergoing some architectural renovations, all of the buildings within the Bozeman Brewery Historic District have retained a high level of historic and architectural integrity. Aside from the Brewery building itself, the district's historical integrity allows us to accurately recall its early function of residential and industrial buildings that reflect a significant aspect of Bozeman’s development.

While visiting this neighborhood, I had the pleasure of speaking with the homeowner of 216 N Church Ave, one of the neighboring houses of the Apollo J. Busch House. She told me how the house was on the market for roughly $80,000 in the early 1980s when they purchased the home, and how today, she had turned down various multi-million offers for it. Many of these old historical homes come with a built-in chicken coop and guest house as this one did as well. The home also received a new foundation recently giving it a more stable structure as well as making it stand out in the neighborhood

Bozeman Brewery Historic District

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Check out our recent YouTube video, where Tamara covers all the secrets behind Bozeman Historical Districts, and purchasing a Historic Bozeman Home.

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