South Tracy/ South Black District

Lining the streets of S. Tracy and S. Black Avenue connecting Alderson and Olive Street is the South Tracy District. It developed at a very early time in Bozeman’s history and is now home to 93 popular architectural-style homes, a large school, and a grocery store. With a substantial amount of remarkable architecture, you will find a diverse selection of 19th-century houses as well as numerous Bungalow style homes as well. The streets of this district are lined with lush trees creating a welcoming and vibrant, neighborly environment. 

The northern division of the South tract is The South Black Historic District containing some of Bozeman’s earliest residential structures and is one of the first joining residential areas to build off of Main Street. The large variety of distinct significant historic architecture found on S. Tracy and S. Black sets it apart from others by giving it a high level of cohesiveness and integrity. The district is primarily known for its fine collection of early 20th-century structures. Several houses within the district rank among the most significant buildings in Bozeman. 

South Tracy/ South Black Historic District Bozeman


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