Moving to a new area can be an intense and stressful experience. Working out is a fantastic way to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. On top of that, it is a great social activity! Continue reading to see why we believe getting a gym membership should be a top priority after you move. 

Alleviate Stress

Life can be stressful, especially if you are moving. You may think once you’ve moved into your new home, your stress will disappear into thin air. Unfortunately, that isn’t normally the case. Now you’re faced with settling in, learning a new area, meeting new people, and all around reestablishing your life. If you are feeling stressed after your move, join a gym! Studies show physical exercise can help lower stress, which is what you need to calm your mind and focus on getting established. 

More Energy

It may sound a little crazy stating you’ll have more energy by using your energy to exercise, but regular exercise can give you the energy you need to function at your highest capacity. Regular physical activity increases blood flow to your body and improves your cardiovascular health. Exercise can improve energy levels by strengthening the circulation and the heart muscle and in return will improve your energy levels. You’re going to need all the energy you can muster to organize your new home and explore your new city. 

Make Personal Connections

Of course, there are other ways to exercise without joining a gym. You can walk/run outside, go on long bike rides, or workout at home, but those options lack the social exposure a gym can offer. When you turn your workout into a social activity, you aren’t just improving your physical health, but your mental, emotional, and social health. Creating a new social circle when you relocate could help build your internal community more quickly!

Fight Depression

Moving can be extremely emotional; leaving the people you know and love, leaving everything familiar to you. It’s normal to feel sad after a move and exercise is a great way to alleviate those negative feelings. Exercising helps your body produce endorphins, those feel-good hormones in your body that act as natural anti-depressants and boost your mood. If you’re having a hard time after relocating, joining a gym can be precisely what the doctor ordered.

Improve Brain Health

Exercise isn’t just good for your body, it’s good for your brain too! Studies show physical activity increases your heart rate which pumps more oxygen to the brain. It also helps the body release hormones which increases the growth of brain cells. Did we mention it also improves your memory and creativity? You’ll need your memory in tip-top shape to remember the names of everyone you meet, and for learning your new area. Of course, improved brain function can help in all areas of your life, including career and relationships.

Moving is Stressful, But You Can Handle It

There is no way around it; moving is stressful. Starting a gym membership can be healing in so many ways. It also keeps you accountable; when you pay for a membership you are more inclined to participate and make sure your money is going to good use. We know it can be hard making time for exercise but it is important to remember the physical and emotional benefits that come along with physical exercise - and that’s what’s truly important after a move. 

Local Gyms

To make things easier for you, here is a list of local gyms we suggest you check out. Not sure which gym is right for you? Contact the gym directly to see if they offer free trials!

Ridge Athletic Clubs
Fuel Fitness
Access Fitness
Snap Fitness
OrangeTheory Fitness
Main Street Fitness
Urban Fitness 
The Pitt
4800 Gym 

Not a fan of typical gyms? Check out these alternative options!

Bend Beyond
Mountain Yoga
Ekam Yoga
YogaMotion Wellness Academy
Bozeman Power Yoga 

Hyalite CrossFit
CrossFit Bozeman
Altitude Athletics
True Spirit CrossFit 

Pure Barre
Studio Barre Bozeman 

Kickboxing / Martial Arts
9Round Bozeman
Montana Mixed Martial Arts
Gallatin Valley Martial Arts 

Spire Climbing Center
Montana Indoor Sports

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