We love supporting locals, so we compiled a list of local coffee shops in Bozeman for you to explore!

Wild Joe's Coffee Spot

Wild Joes Coffee

Exploring Wild Joe's: A Step Back in Time

When you step into Wild Joe's, you're instantly transported to the golden age of classic coffee houses. The indelible influence of the Beatnik cafes that once graced the streets of New York's Greenwich Village and San Francisco's North Beach permeates every corner of this establishment. It's a haven where the worlds of literature, personal connections, melodious tunes, communal tables reminiscent of family gatherings, and impassioned political discussions seamlessly converge.

Nestled within the storied Lovelace Building, with a history spanning over a century, Wild Joe's shares its space with the echoes of days gone by. In a previous life, this very space was home to Montana Motor Supply and The Bungalow Drug Store, a beloved destination for ice cream and soda fountain enthusiasts. Today, the charm of the original interior still captivates, from the time-weathered wooden floors that whisper tales of generations past to the meticulously designed pressed tin ceiling that pays homage to its historical roots.

It fills us with a deep sense of pride to receive the accolades of numerous patrons, many of whom wholeheartedly declare that our coffee stands unrivaled in quality within the town and beyond.

18 W Main St, Bozeman, MT

Image sourced from: Wild Joe's Website


Treeline Coffee Roasters

Treeline Coffee

Once Upon A Time: Treeline Coffee Roasters

Back in 2013, she laid the foundation for her coffee empire with the establishment of Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters. Over the span of three years, LRW embarked on a mission to enlighten its patrons about the intricate tapestry of coffee's flavors, imparting wisdom on how to extract richness and depth from each and every bean.

Fast forward to 2016, a pivotal year for Natalie as she stumbled upon the perfect haven for her flagship cafe and roastery. With this new chapter came the chance for a complete rebranding. The trusty Wagon had faithfully served its purpose, yet it failed to encapsulate the profound philosophy that Natalie had unearthed during her journey as a craftswoman. She yearned for a brand that evoked the great outdoors and the interconnected narrative that traces coffee's path from the farm to the cup – a journey that's nothing short of an adventure.

And thus, the seed of transformation was planted. A venture that once found its humble beginnings within the confines of a frozen food truck, overseen by the legendary roaster known as Francis, saw a glorious rebirth. Treeline Coffee Roasters emerged from the cocoon, an embodiment of growth and evolution. It emerged as a fully-fledged roastery, standing tall with pride and accomplishment, and not just one, but two inviting cafes. One nestled within Bozeman's North Side Mill District, and the other gracing the heart of Downtown. The expansion mirrored not only physical growth but also the growth of a vision and a passion that was nurtured over time.

Find them all over town at three different locations!

Image sourced from: Treeline Coffee Roaster's Website


Rockford Coffee

Rockford Coffee

18 E Main St, Bozeman, MT

Image sourced from: Rockford Coffee's Instagram


Zocalo Coffee House

Zocalo Coffee

117 E Main St, Bozeman, MT

Image sourced from: Zocalo Coffee House's Facebook


Daily Coffee & Eatery

Daily Coffee And Eatery

1203 N Rouse Ave #3A & 1013 W College St, Bozeman, MT

Image sourced from: Daily Coffee & Eatery's Instagram


Sapphire Spoon

Sapphire Spoon Coffee

515 W Aspen Street #103, Bozeman, MT

Image sourced from: Sapphire Spoon's Instagram


International Coffee Traders

International Coffee Traders

720 S 10th Ave, Bozeman, MT

Image sourced from: International Coffee Trader's Website


Studio Coffee

Studio Coffee

1013 West College St, Bozeman, MT

Image sourced from: Studio Coffee's Website


Cold Smoke Coffeehouse

Coldsmoke Coffeehouse

64 Willow Peak Dr. & 2051 W Oak Street Suite 5, Bozeman, MT

Image sourced from: Cold Smoke Coffeehouse's Instagram



Treat yo’ self to a delicious cappuccino, latte, or whatever else your heart desires. 


We thought it would also be fun to hit you with some coffee facts, along with a list of local coffee shops for you to try out

... Because who doesn't love coffee?

• The average cup of coffee costs $2.38 while the average espresso-based coffee is $3.45
• Currently, there are roughly 24,000 coffee shops in the U.S. 
• The U.S. is the leading consumer of coffee in the world, with an average of 400 million cups of coffee consumed per day!
• 35% of consumers prefer their coffee black, while the remaining 65% prefer their coffee with cream and/or sugar
• The U.S. imports over $4 billion worth of coffee a year
• The average American spends $1,110 on coffee annually

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