Memorial Day, 2023. In Memory of Many, and in Honor of All, Thank You.

To express our gratitude, we wanted to share two amazing resources for Veterans and Active Duty SOF based here in Montana.

Warriors and Quiet Waters

Warriors and Quiet Waters is specifically focused on post-9/11 combat veterans and all their loved ones. Warriors and Quiet Waters work to support these individuals by implementing fun, calming and inspirational experiences within the great outdoors. 

The Montana outdoor scene can be extremely restorative and healing. By providing veterans and their loved ones with these outdoor activities, they are able to finally begin the path to rebuilding a life outside of the armed forces. 

Stepping back into things after combat can be extremely difficult, from assimilating back with society, and a change of pace, to rethinking a new life mission. Not to mention that this process becomes increasingly challenging as many veterans now carry wounds whether those be physical or psychological. 

Warriors and Quiet Waters aims to provide guidance through this journey. A great way to reset is through moments within the stillness of nature, taking in the beauty of the outdoors and making memories with loved ones works wonders. Warriors and Quiet Waters aims to provide and facilitate those moments in nature, thereby helping to rebuild the lives of those affected through serving this great nation.


Big Sky Bravery

Big Sky Bravery is unique as it is solely dedicated to those who are on active duty. These active-duty SOF are the ones currently suffering from mass combat casualties and are continuing to fight for our freedom and safety. 

Big Sky Bravery serves these Armed Forces by providing weeklong programs and experiences in the incredible Montana landscape. These are all-expenses-paid and allow the active-duty forces to decompress, and regather themselves within nature. These experiences are truly restorative for these individuals, allowing them to take a breath and be amidst the very land they are fighting for. 

The freedom of the great Montana surroundings and the activities that correlate with the great outdoors offers an escape. Providing a much-needed chance to heal from the realities active-duty SOF face. Big Sky Bravery is a truly remarkable organization, doing work that goes beyond the surface level. The impact made in the active-duty SOF individuals' lives is unexplainable. 

We recommend watching the video on Big Sky Bravery’s website homepage to view testimonials from those fighting for us, and how Big Sky Bravery has supported them.


In Memory of Many, and in Honor of All, Thank You.

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