The Gallatin County Commission has approved the preliminary plat for a new subdivision; The Sourdough Hillside Subdivision.

Located on one of the last remaining vacant lots south of the intersection of Sourdough Road and East Kagy Boulevard.  This subdivision is planned to span over 15 acres and will contain five homes. No new roads will be required as these properties will be accessible from Sourdough Road.

There are two challenges this subdivision is facing. First; most of the land is hilly causing some potential challenges for developing.  The second challenge; nearby landowners aren't too happy with the idea.  During a public meeting Tuesday, February 18, 2020, multiple landowners brought forth concerns of increased traffic, potential harm to their wells and septic systems, and the negative impact on local wildlife.  The local neighbors are requesting the County consider improving the intersection of Sourdough and East Kagy.  They are already concerned with the combination of drivers, bikers, walkers, and wildlife and believe it is already an unsafe area and improvements need to be made before adding new homes to the area.

An attempt to build eight homes back in 2006 was quickly withdrawn due to the amount of public concern.

Allied Engineering Services is the developer behind the new Sourdough Hillside Subdivision.  After hearing the concerns from the public, they pledged to financially contribute to road improvements to Sourdough Road if improvements are made.  In response to the concern surrounding local wildlife, Allied stated the properties will most likely include wildlife-friendly fencing and the development will be low-density, meaning the construction of homes will be on larger lots.  Responding to the concerns of local wells, Allied will comply with all state and local regulations when installing wells and septic tanks in the new subdivision.

The County Commissioners did acknowledge the traffic concerns on Sourdough Road brought forth by citizens but placed the responsibility on local law enforcement to enforce traffic laws. The Commissioners also stated the preliminary plat for the Sourdough Hillside Subdivision reflects a right-of-way which is large enough for future expansion of Sourdough Road. Despite the public's concern, the County Commissioners have approved the preliminary plat as it meets all County regulations and state laws.

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