While the Bozeman Pass may not seem daunting in the summer, it is a completely different story in the winter. Every turn presents a new set of challenges whether it is ice, snow or high winds. 

We know many are contemplating making the move to Livingston in order to afford their dream home. That is why we have put together this list of travel tips and tricks to help you and your family stay safe. 

1. Talk to your employer about their work from home policy.
This is a huge one! If your job is not currently remote, make sure you fully understand what your works policy is around working from home. If the interstate is shut down, will they be flexible and allow you to work remote? If not, I would highly encourage you to stay closer to Bozeman. 

2. Stay up-to-date on the weather in Bozeman AND Livingston throughout the day.  
Just because the sun is shining in Livingston when you wake up does not mean that is the case in Bozeman, and vice versa! There have been many occasions where it is an absolute blizzard in Livingston and Bozeman is completely sunny. I would recommend checking the weather before you go to bed, once you wake up, and before you leave work for the day as conditions can change by the hour.  

3. Download helpful road report apps
Apps can come in handy when you are trying to stay up-to-date with the road report. Some of my personal favorites are "Pass Warrior" and "MDT's Travel Info". Both applications can be downloaded from your app store on your phone. Because the pass is relied on by many every day, there is even a Facebok Group around the road conditions, Click Here.  If you do not want an app, I would visit MDT's travel website daily, HERE.

4. Utilize other means of transportation
If you know your vehicle won't make it to Bozeman and back, try out the fare-free public bus system, Streamline. Services to and from Livingston run Monday thru Friday from 5:50am to 6:45pm. Click on morning or evening to view route maps and schedule, HERE.

5. Give yourself time to travel
Make sure you time your travel with some padding. There is nothing worse than feeling rushed when you are on bad roads, or if they decide to shut a lane of the interstate down due to an accident (yes, this does happen often). This can be extremely important if you are trying to catch a plane. Try to plan your timeline according to the weather and give yourself an extra 30 minutes if you are concerned. It is always best to be early rather than late! 

Overall, just make sure you are prepared for anything. Have a blanket and snacks in the car in case you get stuck, fill up your gas tank often, and stay up-to-date on the weather. If winter weather doesn't scare you, than you will be just fine. 

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