Selling your home can be a daunting experience, especially when it is worth less than you purchased it for.   If you can no longer afford your home and the fear of foreclosure looms, a short sale may be an option. But the key to a successful short sale is to ACT EARLY! I can't stress this enough. I have had several clients come into my office for help one weeks before their home was to hit the court house steps! Do NOT do this! We will have a very difficult time helping you and getting the bank to stall the foreclosure in that short time.  Below are the materials you will need for short sale consideration. If it is your primary residence, do not sweat the sale as you shouldn't be forced responsible for the difference.  (Please contact a financial advisor…

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Why use a real estate agent?


  • Reduced liability
  • A non-biased perspective on your home; value, location, etc.
  • Agents facilitate showings so that buyers can be more relaxed and open
  • An agent can help review buy/sells and weigh the outcomes, both good and bad.


Many Real Estate Agents do not sell their home FSBO because they do not feel that they can remove their emotions from the home.  Having another person facilitate the showings, provide disclosures, be on call, and remove some of the liability from you can definitely be worth it.

If you are going to sell your home FSBO, do your home work and follow the attached link to educate yourself so you can close the deal! Good luck!

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Pricing Your Home

Visit the open houses of comparable homes. As many as possible! List what sets your home apart, both bad and good.  Be realistic.  If you test the waters first by listing at a higher price, then you may be hurting your homes ability to sell.

Contact a Realtor and request a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) from them.  Be upfront and let the agent know that you are trying to sell your home FSBO.  If your home doesn't get much activity as a FSBO , then you can consider forming a business relationship with the agent that assisted you, but get their credentials before you list your home. (If you get VERY little activity, then your home may be overpriced)

Selling Tools

If you do not use photos, you will be drastically…

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VA Home Buyers Have NO/Low Down Payment in Bozeman, MT

Apply for a NO or low down payment VA Home loan in Bozeman, MT

NO/Low Down Payment and Interest Rate

No Down Payment VA Home Loans require ZERO down payment from the home borrower.  Interest rates are based on the applicant’s credit score and are LOW right now.  Interest rates can be fixed over the life of the loan and do not adjust.

What Can My No/Low Down Payment VA Home Loan Be Used For?

You can purchase an existing home or have a new construction home built by Swiftcurrent Builders.  No Down Payment VA Home Loans can even be used to buy multifamily property.

What if I am Disabled and Homes don’t Meet my Needs?

Veterans that experienced disabilities related to their great…

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Tamara Williams of  RE/MAX Realty Group Earns 
Real Estate’s Premier New Home Sales Certification – Certified New Home Specialist™!

RE/MAX Realty Group is proud to announce that Tamara Williams has completed the real estate industry’s most comprehensive new home sales course to earn her national certification as a Certified New Home Specialist™. With this certification, she joins a group dedicated to providing the highest level of professionalism and service to builders and new home buyers. 

“This course is recognized as one of the very best certifications offered in real estate,” explains Ms. Williams. “The training covers architectural design and planning, blueprint reading, topography, building site design, evaluating quality construction,…

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Choosing the Right Neighborhood for You

When you talk with your Realtor about homes that interest you, the neighborhood should be an important factor. If not the most important. Here I touch on several important things to consider in researching neighborhood communities. Some of these factors will attract  while others may  deter. When people ask how to choose a subdivision these are often the most important considerations.

Neighborhood Schools

Schools are very important when it comes to real estate prices. A good school system can drive up property values and can insulate them against fluctuations in the market. 

Subdivision Crime and Safety 

Who doesn't want to live in the safest community possible. But not all of us can afford to live in…

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Luxury Bozeman Real Estate is plentiful, from picturesque homes overlooking the City of Bozeman to hidden estates surrounded by 

Luxury Bozeman Real Estate Realtor

bountiful wildlife.  Bozeman’s unique  mountain location attracts residents from all over the nation who are looking for something different.  There are several ski resorts that are only a short drive away and Bozeman is mecca to just about every mountain based activity you can think of.  Some potential buyers search out Luxury Real Estate that is positioned at the base of the Ski Resorts (such as Big Sky, Moonlight Basin or Yellowstone Club) to enhance their ski experience.

High-End Listings

Two of the higher end subdivisions in the City of Bozeman are Green Hills Ranch  and Triple Tree Ranch.  These luxury…

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The Way I Sell It.

Let's face it, Real Estate is not cheap. In most cases, it's the largest and most committing purchase a person will spend their hard earned money on. This is why customer service is so important regardless of where your property is situated in the market. My areas of expertise are new construction, residential, and luxury real estate. But knowledge is power so they say, and I task myself with staying current on the ever changing market and laws that affect real estate transactions. I won't be so bold as to claim that I'm not in real estate to make money, because I am. It's my livelihood, but it's not the most important thing, the quality of care and attention I give my clients is. I want to earn my clients trust and hopefully, their…

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The Dinosaur Park Bozeman

In Bozeman, MT we are always looking for good outdoor family fun. The Dinosaur Park in Gallatin County Regional Park provides plenty of outdoor stimulation for children from toddler age and up. The park has tons of fun features and considering it's a dinosaur playground, let's not forget the dinosaur sculptures which are various dinosaurs that roamed Montana years ago. They provide learning opportunities as well as tons of run. Dinosaur Park is adjacent to 100 Acre Park and is an awesome place to bring the kids for a day, the only hard part will be getting them to leave. 

Dinosaur Park Features:

  • Slides
  • Climbing posts
  • Monkey bars
  • Swings
  • Tunnels
  • Dinosaur fossil identification
  • Tot lot for small…

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